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Av - 31.8.2009 19:06
Sarajevo, jugosfærens hjerte? (foto: Rob Hogeslag, CC-lisens: by)

Sarajevo, jugosfærens hjerte? (foto: Rob Hogeslag, CC-lisens: by)

Morsom ordlek fra The Economist: Jugoslavia er dødt, leve jugosfæren. Båndene som så brutalt ble kuttet over på 1990-tallet, knyttes nå sammen igjen:

This huge shift in the daily life of the western Balkans is happening without fanfare. Few people have even noticed it. Those within the sphere take it for granted. Those outside are blithely ignorant. Perhaps that is not surprising. Good news is no news: the preparatory meeting to set up a south-east European firefighting centre, part of the Regional Co-operation Council, is hardly worth mentioning even in Sarajevo (where it took place), let alone anywhere else. Yet it is precisely the fact that soldiers who were fighting one another not long ago now train together, or that firemen co-operate on a routine basis or that everyone from vets to central bankers meets with almost dreary regularity which constitutes the good news.