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Av - 10.11.2011 10:28

Dataene i grafen dekker til og med oktober. I dag er situasjonen enda mye verre, med italienske renter på tiårige statsobligasjoner langt over 7 prosent, en lånekostnad som ikke er bærekraftig.

Noen sitater fra dagens medier:

Eurointelligence: “We have now reached the bifurcation point in the crisis where the eurozone will, within days, have to make a choice between debt monetisation, which is hardly feasible without a political commitment to a fiscal union, and a break-up. The latter will happen if no decision is taken.”

Guardian: “We’ll soon have an indication if Italy has lost the support of the financial markets. It is scheduled to auction €5bn of government debt (’12-month bills’, repayable in a year’s time). Despite fears of a ‘buyers strike’ the Italian authorities have insisted that the auction will proceed.”

Reuters: “It is likely to take the combined forces of the European Central Bank, the IMF and the euro zone bailout fund to break Italy’s financial fall, and it’s far from clear that Europe’s leaders are ready to take on that rescue mission.”

For den som vil fordype seg i elendigheten: Guardians Datablog har en god oversikt over nøkkeldata.

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