Energistrategi fram mot 2020

Av - 8.11.2010 17:41

EU-landene må investere 1 billion euro i energitiltak fram mot 2020, mener EU-kommisjonen. Onsdag presenterer den sin energistrategi, men den er lekket til Euractiv på forhånd. Noen hovedpunkter:

The Commission seeks to tap into the energy savings potential of Europe’s existing building stock. Renovation rate should be accelerated by investment incentives and innovative financial instruments like revolving funds, it argues, promising to address the problem of split incentives between tenants and owners.

Energy savings in transport, a sector that emits a fifth of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, will be harnessed by introducing energy efficiency standards for all vehicles and a “robust car labelling system,” the draft states.

The public sector will play a crucial role as energy efficiency criteria should “become conditionality obligations in all spheres, notably for allocating public funds,” according to the paper.

Industrial companies, on the other hand, should be encouraged to make use of energy audits. A dedicated support mechanism should be created for SMEs, it adds.

Euractiv påpeker at planen mangler klare ideer om hvordan gildet skal finansieres.

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